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Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)


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Product Description

Multifunctional pump type car washing device
INVATIAN NUMBER:201010245243.3lt
Has low noise,no pollution,environmental
Protection and water conservation

1.Connecting the air pumpcables with bottle

2.Insert the power cord car cigarette lighter

3.Turn on the switch,and air pump will work,to inflate the bottle

4.When a bottle has enough gas,hold the handle,spouting flake,can easily wash the car

The invention provides a multi-functional pump type car washing device which comprises a sprayer main body composed of a liquid reservoir bucket,a manual air charging pump and a spray bar,wherein it also comprises a washing head connected with the spray bar of the spray bar component,and an automatic gas charging device for automatically charging air into the liquid storage barrel,Compared with the priorart,the multi-functional pump type car washing device provided by the utility model has convenient use and convenient transportation,does not need special car washing field,can adopt manual or electric gas charging mode,which not only guarantees that the device still can be used for cleaning cars under the eenvironment without power,but also lowers the working intensity,it also can finish automobile dedusting,water spraying,cleaning and water removal wor with multiple functions,in addition, automatic air charging pump which utilizes car cigarette lighter for supplying power further can charge gas for tires of automobiles,which is greatly convenient for car owners to adjust automobile tire gas pressure in the field.

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