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Daily Failure Of Comfort Pressure Sprayer

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Comfort Pressure Sprayer  leads to poor atomization: If the rocker is moved more than 15 times during spraying, and the air pressure in the barrel has not reached the working pressure, the vegetable grower should first check whether the water inlet ball valve is set up by debris, resulting in insufficient air pressure The atomization effect. The water inlet valve can be removed. If there is, wipe it with a rag; if the spray pressure is still insufficient, check whether the air chamber is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one; if the connection part is sealed If the ring is not installed or damaged, causing air leakage, the sealing ring should be installed or replaced.

Liquid medicine can not be sprayed into mist: The oblique hole of the nozzle body is blocked by dirt, which is one of the most common factors that cause the nozzle to fail to spray. Vegetable farmers can remove the nozzle and blow air from the nozzle hole to remove the clogged dirt; If the nozzle hole is blocked, the nozzle hole can be disassembled and cleaned, but hard objects such as iron wire should not be used to poke the nozzle hole to prevent the hole from expanding and affecting the spray quality; if the filter in the casing is blocked or the water valve ball is set up by dirt , The filter screen should be cleaned and the dirt that holds the ball should be cleaned.

The switch leaks or cannot be screwed: If the switch cap is not tightened, the switch cap should be tightened; if the water leakage is caused by the wear of the gasket on the switch core, the gasket should be replaced. The switch cannot be turned because it has been stored for a long time, and the switch core is stuck by the chemical corrosion. The vegetable farmer should soak the switch in kerosene or diesel for a period of time, then remove it and clean it.

Water leakage at the connection part: If the joint is loose, the nut should be tightened; if the washer is not flat or damaged, the washer should be leveled or replaced.

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