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  • 2020-06-30

    4 Tips working principle of comfort pressure sprayer

    2 Tips working principle of comfort pressure sprayer

  • 2020-06-28

    Working principle of comfort pressure sprayer

    1. The Bernoulli principle:Bernoulli's principle is that in the same fluid quality, the flow velocity is large and the du pressure is small; the flow velocity is small and the pressure is strong. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the trigemina

  • 2020-06-24

    Atomization characteristics of comfort pressure sprayer

    Comfort pressure sprayer and splitting in pressure nozzles (drop, filament, and film). However, pressure nozzles used in industrial production are usually operated under film-like (hollow cone) split conditions. The thickness of the liquid film formed by the pressure nozzle is approximately 0.5 to 4

  • 2020-06-22

    Structural characteristics of comfort pressure sprayer

    Comfort pressure sprayer drying is mainly determined by the working principle of the pressure atomizer, so that this drying system has its own characteristics. Because the product obtained by pressure spray drying is in the form of particles, both the droplets and the particle size of the product ar

  • 2020-06-18

    The main disadvantages of comfort pressure sprayers

    The main disadvantages of pressure sprayers(1) A high-pressure pump is required, so there are certain restrictions on widespread adoption.(2) Since the nozzle hole is very small, the maximum is only a few millimeters, and it is very easy to block. Therefore, the material liquid entering the nozzle m

  • 2020-06-17

    Advantages of comfort pressure sprayer

    The comfort pressure sprayer has the following advantages.(1) Compared with the airflow type, it greatly saves the power for atomization.(2) The structure is simple and the manufacturing cost is low.(3) Easy operation, convenient replacement and maintenance. .For low-viscosity materials, pressure no

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