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How to solve the Comfort Pressure Sprayer does not emit water

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Check whether the Comfort Pressure Sprayer is blocked by foreign matter. The nozzle of a spray bottle often consists of one or more very small holes. If the lid is not closed in time after daily use, the fine dust particles in the air will stick to the nozzle and cause blockage, making the spray bottle unable to spray. If there are a lot of attachments on the spray bottle nozzle, wipe the nozzle clean with a towel, etc. If particles get into the nozzle hole, you can use a sharp object to pick out the particles.

Check whether the nozzle has sunk. If you use too much force when using the Comfort Pressure Sprayer , it may cause the nozzle to sink for a long time and cannot automatically return to the original position every time. If the nozzle of the spray bottle sinks, and then if you continue to press it, it will not be able to eject anything, so pull the nozzle up and raise it to the original height, and then restore the nozzle to its original position before it can eject.

The pump component is broken. The water pump is the core component of the Comfort Pressure Sprayer . If the component of the water pump is broken, the spray bottle will be reimbursed. At this time, the parts that make up the water pump can be checked, and if possible, the parts can be replaced to repair the water pump. If the pump cannot be repaired, replace it with a new spray bottle.

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