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What to do if the sprayer can't spray water

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Shake the spray bottle. The nozzle of the Comfort Pressure Sprayer column in the bottle is fixed in one position for a long time. When the object in this position is sprayed, the remaining objects may not be able to spray because of the unevenness of the remaining objects. If the uneven distribution of objects in the bottle causes the spray bottle to not spray anything, then you can shake the spray bottle up and down to make the remaining objects evenly distributed, and then you can spray things.

Turn the nozzle. If the nozzle direction is fixed in one position for a long time, the spray bottle can not spray anything. The nozzle of the spray bottle is generally free to rotate. At this time, you can rotate the nozzle clockwise or counterclockwise to help the spray bottle spray something.

Disassemble and check if the spray column is blocked. The key component of theComfort Pressure Sprayer  column wet spray bottle, if the spray column is blocked, it must not spray anything. At this time, the spray bottle must be disassembled and the spray column cleaned to make it possible to spray the spray bottle.

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